Monday, 9 January 2012

Firs and foliage now posted

Hello fellow atcers.
What a delight to see your firs and foliage atcs - Utterly stunning! I do hope you like the swaps I have sent in return.
Our winner this month is Barbara Greenwood with this lovely evergreen atc.

A stunning stamp which has been coloured beautifully!
Well done Barbara!
Now the post over Christmas caused one or two people to become anxious about swaps returning and we have also had a case of missing post too (the oriental swap) so from this month I will list all the atcs received in the thanks thread so you will be able to check they did actually arrive. As the swaps dont get to me until after the end of the month it will be then, when I set up the thanks thread, that you will see them there.

Hopefully this will help you all.
Now one thing I have not been receiving is what themes winners would like to choose so having thought more about this Barbara will be the last one to choose the theme and I will set future themes. This will help as I can plan a year in advance so you can send more months in at once if you wish.
From January the person winning the atc swap will get a set of 3 from me and a set of 3 from Michelle as their winning prize - How does that sound?
Just remember if you send in more than 1 months atcs at once you will need a SAE for each months swap.
So folks have fun Recycling and I hope you like your Firs and foliage swaps when they arrive xx
Happy Crafting


  1. Looking forward to seeing your themes! It's been a while since I've last participated, but I hope to participate more often in 2012!

  2. Thank you for choosing my card. Looking forward to seeing the themes you will choose for the year. Thanks for all your work in making theswap a success.
    Love, Barbara x


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