Thanks October 2012

Shades of Autumn swap received
Lynne Denton
P Harrison
J Hardy
P Atkinson
Linda Bainbridge
Eve Yates
Y Wolsey
Jean Straw
Barbara Greenwood
Sarah Ford
Tania Downie
H Jowett

Thanks for playing along and sorry I took so long to get your swaps posted xx


  1. Thank you so much to Eve Yates, Barbara Greenwood and Tania Downie, all beautiful Atcs. Jean x

  2. My thanks this month go to Pam, L Bainbridge, Pam Attkinson, Barbara Greenwood Sarah Ford and Vonny. A loverly set of ATCs proudly standing on the shelf in my workroom. So sorry to hear that December will be the last swap. Thankyou to Jenet for hosting the swap and wish you lots of look to the future.

    Tania xx

  3. Thank you to Tania Downie,Jean Straw and Hazel Jowett for the beautiful autumn ATCs I received, and thank you Janet for organising the swap, I will really miss it.
    Hugs, Barbara x


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