Sunday, 20 June 2010

Welcome to The Stamp Man ATC Swap Blog!

I am delighted to announce that Janet, Clarky J's Play Space is taking up the challenge to run our monthly ATC swaps.  Janet has past experience of running ATC swaps (over 3 years), so she does know what she is in for!  I can also tell you that she is one VERY excited lady!!

I didn't labour the point that one of our previous monthly swaps had over 320 ATC's for the month!  Apart from the time actually swapping them over, there is a lot of time spent looking and studying them as you are swapping, that's the REALLY nice bit, and of course that's got to be done  and enjoyed!! Then there is the satisfying bit when you've got them all swapped and packed up ready to take to the post office.  I'm sure Janet will love every minute of it!

We will be announcing the first themes and the instructions soon.  Some members of our Design Team will be posting ATCs here for you to see to get things going, no doubt we'll all dip in here and there in future swaps too.

You do not need to have a blog to enter the swaps and we hope you will join in when they start.

Overseas swappers are most welcome, although you will need to send stamped addressed envelopes with appropriate UK postage costs for your return swaps.  Visit the UK's Royal Mail website, where you can work out postage costs, buy and print off a label to fix to your envelope for your return ATCs.

Please join as a follower now to be updated with news about the swaps.  The swaps will begin on 1st July although the informtion will be given in advance of this.

We hope you will help us get this off the ground by advertising it on your blogs.  As a reward for doing this you will be eligible to enter to win some blog candy so watch for details about that!!

In the meantime, to get your ATC creative juices flowing, please view our gallery of past ATC swaps (there are about 900 photos) please click here.

Finally, thank you Janet for taking this on, I am sure it will be very successful and a lot of fun for all!



  1. Thanks Jill x I am really looking forward to this as I know there are some seriously talented atcers out there and I get to see them all!!!

  2. Great blog, thanks for organising the swap Janet, I would love to add the Stampman picture to my blog but I don't know how :(

    Carol x

  3. Look forward to this, Gill. Can't follow you cos Google Friend Connect won't work for me and I can't find a way round it, but I've linked to you to advertise the swaps. Nice one.

  4. Cool I just saw my old ATC's from 2006 lol - can't wait to get going again :0


  5. HI there, this all sounds really fun - I've only just started having a go at ATCs. Please could someone explain for me how a swap works? Probably a really dim question! Annie :)


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