Monday 25 February 2013

Finally - Thanks so much for your patience !

So I guess you worked out disaster had befallen me!
Just prior to Christmas I had to clear out my craft room so my son could sleep in his old room again.  So the swaps which had arrived prior to December were put somewhere safe.
I can sense you know what's coming....................
During the Christmas break I had awful flu - it lasted 10 days and lots of things I should remember were just wiped like a blackboard eraser cleans the board.
I searched, I panicked , I enlisted help, I had hubby go through all the Christmas decs - he was not amused!
I finally confessed to Jill at the end of January and added my post asking folks to get in touch.
Then last weekend looking for something else I came across them - yep in the safest place ever that I didn't think to look!
I was sooooo happy I can tell you!
So here they are - These 10 ladies have been playing along for most of the 3 1/2 years of the swap.  I am sure you will love seeing them.
Eve Yates
Pam Atkinson
Linda Bainbridge
Justine Hardy

Jean Straw
Lynne Denton

Tania Downie (there are 6, 3 of each type)
Vonny Wolsey
Sarah Ford
Barbara Greenwood.

So you can see what a hard thing it is giving up doing the swap - every time they have been as creative and diverse as this and it has been an absolute pleasure to feast my eyes on them all every month.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in the swap and for my teamie Michelle for providing atcs for the winner some months.
Included in your envelope - which has been posted today is a note from Vonny who has details of another swap you may like to join.  Many thanks Vonny that was so thoughtful.

Happy Crafting folks.

Janet xxx


  1. Oh Janet what a panic you must have had. I know I have often searched through the rubbish looking for something that has "gone missing" only to have it turn up unexpectedly in some strange forgotten place. I am so glad you found them, they all look amazing, well worth waiting for. Thank you for organizing the swaps and to all the ladies whose ATCs I have received, I treasure them all.
    Jean x

  2. They are all so beautiful!


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